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Roland van Campenhout: "Best Slide Baby Ever"

Played last 5 Years with Rory Gallagher

For my resonator conversions I take guitars that are at least 50 years old . The older so much the better. Not every guitar is suitable for it. In my early years i had many dissapointments and i learned from the defeat. By now i have a sense of whether a guitar will sound good or not.

These old guitars usually need a neck reset . They are equipped with a two-way truss rod and a new fingerboard made of rosewood or plum wood. The resonator supports are made from segments of approximately 150 year old cherry or pear tree strips from the Biedermeier period. The base ring is made of birch plywood. Cover plate and the tailpiece are handcrafted from brass or stainless steel. I shape the biscuitas from 50 - 60 years old maple.

Additional braces are glued left and right of the soundhole to reinforce and stabilize the top. The pickup is screwed to this braces. Together with the piezo system, which has it's position directly on the resonator, it creates the electrically amplified sound. These two pickup systems have a stereo line out and can be controlled seperatly by using the two volume control knops and a Y - stereo cable. Because of this fact my guitars have wide range of sound control, when played electrically amplified. The guitars are strung up with light gauge Martin Marquis Bronze wound strings, while replaceing the second string (.016) with an unwound .019 and using the .016 as the first string.


The guitars have a adjustable bridge made of boxwood. So the desired string position can be set by using a screwdriver easily and the outcome of this is ia perfect set up even if you want to play it fingerstyle or as a slide guitar. Intonation can be adjusted optimally too, according to the fact that the resonator is displaceable while the strings are loosened.



My guitars are being played by famous players like:

Abi Wallenstein, Eric Bibb, Otto Waalkes, Jan Josef Liefers, Roland van Campenhout  (performed with Rory Gallagher over 5 years), Peter Crow C, Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Thomas Maos, Reverend Rusty, Frank Laubner, Biber Herrmann, Max Prosa, Chris Kramer, Bernd Rinser, Greyhound George, Willy Astor, Sir Oliver Mally, Tiny Legs Tim, Wayne Morris, Maiki Mai, Fritz Köster,

Sebastian Bogensperger (Boppin`B), Hanno Busch (Stefan Raab Band Heavytones),

Jörg Teichert, Peter Schneider (Stims) and the Reggaestar Patrice.

Claus Boesser-Ferrari :  "There is nothing comparable"